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    Whats this server about?

We are a Sphere X-1 (eXperimental) server that has been in heavy development for the better part of 2 years. We are experienced sphere scripters with first hand knowledge of how frustrating it can be when a server closes down that you’ve invested time and emotion into. We’re not only are hosting this server for you the player, but also for the entire SphereServer community. We do our best to report every debugger exception on the X branch github so the developers can be aware of and solve source issues. We’ve been around for a long time working on this server, and we intend to keep working on it for many years to come.


With the amazingly talented developers working on the source and our experience scripting  we can handle any foreseeable issue on the horizon. We hope you will come help us test, play, and improve our shard as well as Sphere itself. Looking forward to seeing you around!
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